How To Formulate Waterless Cosmetic Sticks & Bars

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Learn how to formulate one of the fastest growing cosmetic trends: waterless cosmetic sticks and bars!

This workshop series will teach you how to choose and use the right type of ingredients to achieve the right level of hardness and performance from your cosmetic stick and bar formulas. It comes as a set of 4 workshops, and will teach you how to put together:

  • Waterless cleanser formulas such as shampoo and body wash
  • Waterless moisturiser formulas
  • Waterless conditioner formulas
  • Waterless face cleansing formulas


Start anytime with unlimited workshop access.

Price: US$225

What you get:

  • Four video lectures explaining how to put each type of waterless cosmetic formula together
  • Video demonstration of how to put each waterless formula together
  • Guidance on how to substitute ingredients to make unique waterless formulas
  • Tips and tricks to get the best results from your waterless cosmetic formulas

This workshop is designed for home-crafters starting out. If you have never formulated before, please take part in the Beginners Cosmetic Science workshop series first, or

Learn professional training on stability testing and quality control, with the Certificate in Cosmetic Quality & Stability.

For professional cosmetic formulation training, please study the Certificate in Advanced Hair FormulationsCertificate in Advanced Cosmetic Science or,

 become a Cosmetic Chemist: study the Diploma of Personal Care Formulation.

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