How To Choose Cosmetic Gums and Gelling Agents

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Cosmetic gums and gelling agents are needed in most cosmetic formulations to build viscosity and enhance shelf-life, but you need to choose wisely and process them correctly in order to get the best results. You also need to use different cosmetic gums and gelling agents in the right amount, to avoid balling up on the skin or a residual tacky feeling after application.

Learn about 15 different cosmetic gums, gelling agents and polymers, how to choose the right type of gelling material to suit your specific cosmetic formulation requirements, and how much should be used. You will also learn important mixing information, to make sure you get the best performance out of your selected cosmetic gelling agent. the types of products each agent suits best, and important input and processing information. Make confident gum and gelling agent selections, enrol now!


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What you get:

  • Video lecture guiding you through the different types of cosmetic gums, gelling agents and polymeric materials
  • Cosmetic gum and gelling agent summary table
  • Information on how much cosmetic gum or gelling agent should be used for the best results specific to different formulation needs
  • Which cosmetic gums and gelling agents are truly natural
  • Method steps for how to use each gum or gelling agent
  • Amounts of each type of gum or gelling agent that should be used for different cosmetic formulas

This workshop is designed for home-crafters starting out. If you have never formulated before, please take part in the Beginners Cosmetic Science workshop series first, or

Learn professional training on stability testing and quality control, with the Certificate in Cosmetic Quality & Stability.

For professional cosmetic formulation training, please study the Certificate in Advanced Hair FormulationsCertificate in Advanced Cosmetic Science or,

 become a Cosmetic Chemist: study the Diploma of Personal Care Formulation.

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