Cosmetic Manufacturing for Small Brands

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Are you ready to get started with cosmetic manufacturing? Do you want to make product in small batch sizes, from 5kg up to 100kg? Our cosmetic manufacturing for small brands workshop series is ideal for those just starting out on a tight budget, who want to make cosmetic products for themselves.

Make sure every batch is perfect! Learn:

  • What equipment you will need to manufacture cosmetic products in small batch sizes
  • What filling equipment is needed to suit different types of products and packaging
  • How your manufacturing space should be laid out
  • Essential quality requirements of your air, water and cleaning steps
  • Guidance on good manufacturing codes
  • Example manufacturing room lay-outs
  • Templates for manufacturing batch books


Start anytime with unlimited workshop access.

Price: US$220 (<small>All 3 lectures and booklets</small>)

What you get:

  • Three video lectures explaining how you will need to set up your manufacturing area and what equipment you will need
  • Manufacturing e-booklet with detailed instructions
  • Specifications to help maintain quality of finished product
  • Templates to guide you on essential manufacturing steps

This workshop is designed for home-crafters starting out. If you have never formulated before, please take part in the Beginners Cosmetic Science workshop series first, or

Learn professional training on stability testing and quality control, with the Certificate in Cosmetic Quality & Stability.

For professional cosmetic formulation training, please study the Certificate in Advanced Hair FormulationsCertificate in Advanced Cosmetic Science or,

 become a Cosmetic Chemist: study the Diploma of Personal Care Formulation.

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